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It's easy for small to medium-sized businesses to say “cybercriminals won't attack me” or “they are only after the big guys.” The reality is small and mid-size businesses are targeted and are the most affected because of their relaxed or non-existent security policies. Here are some examples of what we offer;

  • Dark Web Scanning

  • IP Access Control

  • IP Survalliance 

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Antivirus/Anti-Malware


Network Solutions

How does everything connect together? Businesses need computers, email, phones, and other connections to operate.  Leave it to the experts here at Red.Tech Services to create a map to guide you down the yellow brick road to technology success.


CRM Design & Implementation

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Technical Support combined make a Customer Relationship Management Database. Make your CRM work overtime—we'll personalize it to advance your distinct business goals. Or we'll recommend the ideal program and lead a smooth implementation process.


More Services

Interior Design

Most businesses end up spending more money after the fact because adding the tech is thought of after the design is done. Let us help you avoid what most businesses make the mistake doing which costs them more in end.


We'll make sure everything flows as smooth as water. Have your your workflow or staff as efficient as possible by having your software and tech setup running cohesively with each other. 

Managed Services

Have all your technology taken care of by us. And if you need us, we provide fast on-site tech repair or immediate software support available via phone and screen-share. We will focus on it so you don't have to.

Train Your Staff

We'll bring the latest IT strategies your employees can put into practice to grow your business. Discover the best new tech tools for rapid growth. Get up-to-date training materials, templates, and documents.

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